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Recycle IT

Our company is the specialist IT recycling arm of Esynergy the UK’s largest Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment recycling company in the UK. The Company is committed to the refurbishment and reuse of equipment in accordance with UK Government environmental objectives where ever feasible, practicable and consistent with our customer’s policies and wishes.

We assess our customers’ requirements on an individual basis but always:

  • Adhere to the relevant environmental laws
  • Work to an unambiguous protocols for data security, brand protection, environmental controls and health and safety.
  • Deliver client friendly and responsive collection of equipment for disposal

We offer:

  • Data safe collection
  • One site Data Destruction Option
  • Government Standard data wiping
  • Physical Destruction of Hard Drives and other data bearing media
  • Quality Reuse
  • Support for Charitable Causes
Data Security Facility Ecosynergy EcosynergyIT, Pera Business Centre, Melton Mowbray