All IT which has come to the end of its life as a useful Asset to Your Business should be disposed of responsibility. Our business started as an IT security consultancy long the WEEE Directive made recycling of IT Equipment compulsory.

Where equipment is to be reused it is refurbished to the protocol requirements of T11 to the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2013 as they apply to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013.

You will be provided with a compliance certificate within 72 hours of collection giving you comfort that not only has your redundant IT been disposed of securely and responsibly but you have complied with all the recycling laws.
T11 Exemption New Registration Letter


Recycling converts old products to new materials which can be used to make into new products, reducing the need to consume virgin resources. This reduces the impact consumers have on our environment.

Life cycle analysis of using recycled materials in the manufacturing process consistently demonstrates that the lower energy requirements when using recycled materials and parts in manufacture uses less energy and involves lower levels of pollution to our earth. One of the main benefits is lower carbon release to the environment and reduced global warming. This is often referred to as the process having a lesser or reduced carbon footprint.

Current UK recycling is estimated to save the equivalent CO2 impact of taking 5 million cars off the road.


EcosynergyIT is a socially responsible company. We believe in a fairer society promoting social welfare from employment to the communities in which we operate.


We subscribe to all relevant UK government initiatives designed to avoid unfair employment practices. We use agency labor only infrequently where necessary and then employ only through approved and vetted agencies who subscribe and are contractually bound to our principles as employers. We are fully behind the initiatives against modern slavery even if we think the jargon is pants and reduces a serious effort to raise awareness about fair employment practices.

Our staff from the office to workshop are long service because we care about working conditions, advancement and training and terms of pay and holidays.

We are a non-discriminatory employer regardless of colour, class, sex, sexual orientation, religion or area of the EU you come from. We strive to work against direct and indirect discrimination at all levels.

Charitable Association

We were instrumental in founding the charity LIFE PC for Kids. The charity supports IT / Media projects for schools and children’s hospitals here in the UK and abroad. Our UK and international electricals retail operation within the Esynergy group, Life Electricals raises serious funds for both UK and International projects from Kids homes, hospitals, and local schools. Money is donated to LIFEPC for Kids who operate in some of the lesser known war-torn countries such as Ukraine supporting Kids.

See our charitable partners web-site for more details.


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